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54, 4th Cross , KCA Layout, Kothnur Road, JP Nagar 8th Phase 560062 Bangalore IN
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54, 4th Cross , KCA Layout, Kothnur Road, JP Nagar 8th Phase Bangalore, IN
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Hastkrit startup inspirations how lavanya turned adversity into opportunity

Hi , I am Lavanya Venkatesh. I did my masters in accounting and worked as an accounts consultant till 2018. A self taught artist by passion & profession. Started my brand "HASTKRIT" in 2016. Hastkrit is a sanskrit word which means Hand creation. At HASTKRIT, we cater to Hand- painted products which can be used for gifting, as a home decor , as a wall decor or as women accessories. I do various art forms and specialize in Mandala art and Madhubani painting. We sell bags, purses, clutches, coasters, pouches, trays, boxes, wall paintings, cushion covers and many more. You name the material and I can do the design on it. 

Painting by Lavanya
How I got into art is quite interesting. In 2015, i had ankle surgery. For the same, i was bedridden for 6 weeks. To kill boredom and mood swings, i started hunting on YouTube for something that i could do without moving around. I came across an art form called Zentangle (is a form of meditative doodling ). I spent more time learning this art form through YouTube videos. Gradually, this interest turned into my passion. Since then, i never stopped. And soon enough, the brand HASTKRIT (@hastkrit_lavanya) was born.

My vision for Hastkrit is to make it a brand known for Handpainted products and gifts. I would like to make Handpainted products and gifts unique and accessible to everyone.

The reason for me not hiring anyone or creating a website yet is I don’t like doing repeats. For me art is meditation and each product or design I create is from my heart. I don’t plan or sketch a design before hand. It just flows through when I start drawing
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You can reach out to me for all customized hand painted products at 9841596291

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