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How to bathe with a handmade soap to get the maximum benefits of the wonderful ingredients & essential oils

  • By Uma Srinivasaraghavan Chaari
  • • Sep 04, 2017

Ok. It’s Serendipity. I have always wondered why when my hubby bathed with that beautiful sandalwood essential oil soap that I made,  he smelt so heavenly that I could get the sandalwood aroma from another room.

When I was musing about this to him, He explained to me his method of using a bar of soap.  I then dug up some information about the science behind it (as is my wont- can’t live without researching anything) and surprisingly, he was so right. I tried it and wow, it’s soooo true and amazingly my skin was much smoother and the aroma of essential oil was wafting all over. I wonder Why did I not discover this much earlier.

So without further ado and wasting time, I want to share this with you all so everyone can reap the benefits of the organic  raw shea butter, the organic extra virgin olive oil and pure essential oils and many other skin loving ingredients that we use in SvastiKrtU handmade soaps.

It’s very simple, wet your soap, use a few drops of water and wipe some of the soap on your palms and rub your hands with some water to work up lather.  Then use that lather on your skin to wash. Never use soap directly on the body.

The science behind this: our body’s pH is slightly  acidic. All soaps contain acids like lauric, myristic, palmitic, oleic and linoleic acid etc based on the proportion of the various fats. As the soap cures fully, the softening and conditioning acids like oleic acids and linoleic acids form a complex soap crystal. The cleansing acids like Lauric and myristic acids form a simple soap crystal structure. The additives and essential oils added into the soap get trapped inside the soap crystals.

So when you rub the soap, the acids and essential oils get released and you get their benefits. If you apply soap directly without rubbing to get lather, you are simply washing off  all the goodness of the soap.

Enjoy and happy bathing folks.

feeling blessed.


Author: svastikrtu ( Uma Srinivasaraghavan Chaari)

Banker, astrologer, reiki healer, and a soaper. Singer

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Disclaimer : The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author only and do not necessarily reflect the views of Handmade Adda. 

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