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54, 4th Cross , KCA Layout, Kothnur Road, JP Nagar 8th Phase 560062 Bangalore IN
Handmade Adda
54, 4th Cross , KCA Layout, Kothnur Road, JP Nagar 8th Phase Bangalore, IN
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Pallavi dwivedi - firyali

Firyali is a Mumbai based handmade Bath and Body products company started by Pallavi.

She has always been fascinated with skin care and would frequently try a variety of skin care products on a regular basis. However soon she realized that commercially available products are nothing but a combination of harmful chemicals packaged and advertised in a way to play on human insecurities about their skin. Moreover they also burn a small hole in our pockets.

That's where Firyali comes in .Firyali has a range of hand crafted soaps made with choicest of oils, butters, fruit extracts, dried herbs combined with fragrance oils and essential oils to provide the natural care that our skin requires .

Along with soaps, she also makes lip balms, lotions, body butters and bath salts. None of the products have any chemical/artificial ingredients in them. She believes that its time skin care goes back to Indian roots, and hence uses natural ingredients like honey, milk, clay, besan(gram flour), turmeric, curd in most of her products. Its never too late to get inspired from our grandmothers after all 🙂

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