Rags to quilts : upcycle your memories

An entrepreneur converts rags into daily usable quilts (via recycling rags) and thereby offers environment friendly services at Lower rates - revolutionizing the textile industry

Bishakha Raviraj
Bishakha Raviraj

Do you have rags in your home that you throw away? Then please do not throw them anymore as you can save thousands of rupees by converting the rags in your home into daily usable quilts. An entrepreneur named Bishakha Raviraj is the person behind such an idea and has already achieved immense success in it. Costly branded quilts are not accessible to each and every person but comfort is something that everyone wishes to have. The idea that Bishakha Raviraj came up with is now not only just an idea but also a practical one already implemented and tested. And yes, the journey from rag to quilt made her business stand out from the crowd.

Customized order for a Customer

“’Rags To Quilts’ was started 5 years back as a result of a quilt requirement for my daughter. The cost for a simple quilt to buy was 3000 rupees, which was way too expensive for me. This made me revive my old love for stitching and I made one razai for her with my mom's old sari. It was fantastic! - A blend of grandmother’s love and mother's passion - at very low cost. ‎That's when I decided to do this on a large scale basis for other people (who don't want to throw their money behind big brands). From then I've been educating and giving solutions to use hand made products with things available at home”, says Bhishakha Raviraj.

Not only quilts but many more products are manufactured as part of her business which includes fabric bags, phone charging safe stations, yoga mat holders, playmate, visions, pillows etc. Customization options are also available. Quilts are made from new fabric and also old fabric. The two main kind of quilts made from new fabric are ‘Kids quilts’ (thick ones) and ‘Comforters’ (thin ones). The quilts made from old fabric (Traditional Indian Razai) are called as the memory quilts. Used fabrics like saris, clothes, bed-sheets etc are the raw material for such quilts.

More of her Work
The techniques that are used for her work include patchwork, appliqué, block print, embroidery, machine stitch and hand stitch – Katha. The whole manufacturing process is designed in such a way that the rags that we usually throw get up-cycled into wonderful quilts. Therefore Bhishakha Raviraj’s effort is a great example promoting greener environment and is currently revolutionizing textile industry. We can wish that more entrepreneurs come up with such fantastic ideas that not only help even poor people access certain level of comforts in their life but also enrich a green environment through the up-cycling processes adapted & environment friendly approach.

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