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Sharmila ghosh- founder and the “hands” behind the handicrafts start-up

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Everyone seeks happiness and contentment in diverse avenues and I attain mine in art. My

art derives its purpose in capturing moments that last a lifetime and I strive to recreate those


#HerSculptingHands believes that happiness and love can be shared unhindered,

without bounds and barriers through those memories and art is a medium of achieving it

Sharmila Ghosh- founder and the Handsbehind the handicrafts start-up


. I am

With a formal education in Bengali literature and having grown up in a traditional Bengali

family rooted in tradition, culture, and colour, I always felt that I could physically capture and

shape occasions, emotions, and feelings with everyday medium around me that would

connect with each memory. Some thirty years, two children, and a pandemic later, I sensed

the need to connect with my artistic being in order to handle and express my life's experiences

in a way I knew best- Sculpture. Motivated by my children to take up the art professionally, I

am embarking on an exciting journey with traditional ideas woven with contemporary novelties

and landscapes. Moreover, my passion for all things natural influence my hands to sculpt,

create, and make art that resonates with my feelings for trees, flowers, landscapes, traditions

associated with mother earth, and her bountiful blessings. With my art work, I wish to help

people know the power of art in bringing alive and expressing one's feelings, passions, and

emotions and I hope they find as much joy and contentment as I do.

Story behind the brand name

When my big idea started taking shape with the support and encouragement of my family, my

daughter and niece, chatted me up one evening about coming up with a name for my

endeavour. My niece came up with "Sculpting Hands". My daughter insisted that it should be

more personal and should include my identity. She claimed that I, with my hands, had the

power to sculpt purpose and meaning into lifeless inanimate objects and that I had the ability

to sculpt relationships between art and humanity just like how I had sculpted her life as a

child, her perspective of the world and life.

#HerSculptingHands is an ode to the power of a woman's capable hands. It's a dedication to

all women- budding young girls who dream, creativity effusing young adults who find ways to

make dreams come true, and all-knowing, versatile mothers who make those dreams a reality.

The power of a woman's hands is infinite. It sculpts the life of humanity, nourishes it, clothes

it, and tends to it. A woman's hands have the prowess to effuse life, spread harmony, and

restore even when everything around may erode and crumble. Every woman is instilled with

this power and directly or indirectly, she nurtures this power and generously lavishes it on her

family, her community, her country, and the world.

True to its element, the logo was developed by the hands uberly-talented hands of one of my

son’s friend- Pooja (do check out some of her amazing work, @slippinandfallin) who has oodles of creative power

buzzing about her. The brand's name is handwritten and curated to connect and evoke the

potential of human abilities. The logo depicts the creative aura of a woman's hands at work

transferring life and power to her creation. It is a dedication to all women who toil and pursue

to transform dreams into reality

🌀 The Process


The base of most of my creations starts off with a little chat with my patron. It transposes me

to their special moment and influences the creation. Their voice lingers in my head like the

narrator of a movie. Each creation thus carries with it a unique experience. From the start till I

complete work on that piece, I try to associate every whisk, every bend, every chisel, and

every swirl with those feelings.

👩🏻🎨 Getting to Work.

Art for art's sake is something I believe in. There's more that I wish to convey with my work

than beautiful curves and geometric patterns. When I start each piece, I embark on a journey

of empowerment, transfer of power, and re-creation of memories.


A few decades ago, I was brimming with creative ideas and had also nurtured my talents, but

couldn't find the motivation to convert that into a formal set-up. Having weathered the best of

my life within confines, I realized that it was my own inhibitions that held me back. But with

age comes wisdom, and when it dawned on me, I broke the chains that held me back. I hope

to pass on this message to women like me who need that little push to go out and shine. This

inspired my Deep-sea mermaid series. Mermaid associated with the Assyrian mythology was

the great civilizer who taught people social and religious procedures and invented many

useful things as a gift to mankind. Through the sculptures in this series I sought to radiate

motivation and confidence to empower women.

Sustainability ♻️

An important belief that I hold close to my heart. Ensuring Mother Earth has enough and more

to nurture her children without depleting herself. Sustainability generates purpose by adding

fresh perspective into something that has been in service for a long time. I transformed this

cause with bottle art sculptures that involved repurposing old bottles and discarded fabric and

scrap plastic. The thought was to create art that would serve as reminder of the pressure on

our depleting resources and inspire people to get involved in sustainability.

Therapy and Inspiration ☮️

Considering the current pandemic and the anxiety associated with it, I strongly advocate art

as a therapy to soothe and calm one's uncertainty about almost anything and everything. It

has worked its charm on me and continues to work among friends and family who seek an

opening to vent out and blow out some steam. I portrayed this recently with my glass paintings

that depicted soothing geometries and figurines that evoke a sense of tranquillity and serenity.

With every stroke of the brush of canvas and chisel of the sculpture, there is a transfer of

power, happiness, motivation, and tranquillity. These are those abstract layers that I wish to

weave within each work of art with an intention that those aspects would unravel and radiate

itself to those who seek it.

⚙️ Behind the Scenes

If there's something that setting up this endeavour has helped me understand is that there's a

lot that goes behind the procurement, marketing, and delivery while I sit at my table giving life

to my inspiration, moulding clay, and mixing paint on my pallete.

My whole household plays a significant part in what I do, especially my children and niece.

Everything from getting my resources to helping me plan to even packing. All of this done

virtually. My daughter helps me get most of my resources from her home. My son helps me

with marketing by clicking some amazing photos that adds the zing to my brand. My niece

who stays far away, offers fresh perspective to my designs and helps me stay on top of my

social media outreach. They are my lifeline and support system- the ones who motivated me

to transform my hobby into a venture. Being a family affair with Bengali traditions, there's

always the fleeting aroma of fish fry in mustard oil lingering in the air infused with Rabindra

Sangeet in the backdrop.


The artwork is not complete until it's packed. My hands then relive each feeling linked with the

item making each fold of the package unique, none like before. Thus, each box is differently

packed by hand with a whole lot of feelings. I pack each work gingerly so as not to distort the

memory in any fashion. I love to play with textures and I use packing materials accordingly to

compliment the artwork.


I believe that art is meant to give life to the abstract experiences each individual goes through

and because every individual is different, every work of art that I create seeks its own special

touch- a touch one of its kind, a touch that makes it stand out. To wrap up the process, I

express my feelings with a personal note expressing the emotions that carried me through to

completion. Thus, each item is tagged with its own unique signature that stands out for itself.

My Latest Product

My latest work is something that is close to my heart and interwoven with many layers of

familial bonds, our mystical relationship with nature, and our responsibility to preserve our

pristine environment.

Titled The Enchanted Castle, the sculpture is a dreamy fantasy with mushrooms, slithering

snails, playful elves, and chirping birds. They are created to depict the varied personalities of

a typical family- the grounded and providing mother, the persevering father, and the playful

children. Homes serve as a common link for all creatures creating an atmosphere that

nourishes our souls, protects our physical being, and preserves relationships. The pandemic

has presented us a unique opportunity to spend more time with our families, at our homes,

than ever before. Sustaining us with our distinct characters, it is our homes that bind us

together. It exudes with that warmth and embalming coziness that we strive to seek during

these anxious times. It lights up and glows in the unknown darkness. It is a lot more than

mere brick and concrete.

The sculpture remains true to my cause in creating awareness about sustainability. A

repurposed jar, discarded cardboard tubes and clay make up this castle. It is a witness to the

fact that beautiful art can be created from discarded items. The roof of the castle can also be

removed and fixed with a source of light. Our homes have always been a member of each of

our families giving us opportunities every day to light up our lives.

Each of our castles serve as reminder of our commitment to preserve. It creates our

responsibility to preserve our homes, our relationships, and our environment. It is the source

for all our preservation. Created to remind us of the power of our homes, The Enchanted

Castle is created to bring back to limelight the power and significance of our homes.

The Enchanted Castle and all of my other work are on display on Instagram

(@hersculptinghands) and Facebook where

I personally respond and am extremely active. I welcome you to send me a message or leave

me a comment. I would love to take that trip down your special memory lane make your fond

memories come alive in all its colours.

Connect with the artist

Instagram (@hersculptinghands) and Facebook 

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