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  • By Uma Srinivasaraghavan Chaari
  • • Sep 05, 2017

Svastikrtu is a Bangalore based organic all natural handcrafted soap brand created by a banker turned astrologer turned soaper. It began as a quest for chemical free life and making soaps with all organic ingredients including pure essential oils and natural colors and clays  is a part of that path.

We create our own recipes after gathering so much knowledge about the profiles of oils and butters, the nature of the clays, the working of herbs, extraction process of the ingredients, the properties of essential oils, their aroma blends and effects. We make cold processed soaps from scratch after studying and experimenting a lot so we are absolutely sure of how a particular recipe is supposed to work on the skin and the mind with the aroma blend of pure essential oils .

Only the best and organic ingredients like virgin oils and raw unrefined butters are used to make them. No chemicals, no preservatives, no mind boggling colourants like titanium dioxide (for a flashy white soap) or micas, pigments, oxides etc . No controversial stuff. No fragrance oils which are lab made.  Only pure and safe soap with natural clays, plant based additives and herbs.

What began as a self serving venture, spilled on and extended to sharing the passion  with family and friends through their facebook page.

There is no competition but just the love for a natural life that everyone is entitled to. The true test of a soap is its formula and profile, what it does or doesn’t do  for each type of skin, rather than looking at just the additives. For people who buy commercial soaps,  beware of the chemicals, and remember, skin is the biggest organ which easily absorbs anything and passes on.  It’s not just about beauty but well being as the name Svastikrtu in sanskrit means. Do read the posts on Svastikrtu-our story and like the fb page for updates.

World’s greatest things are the simplest.

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