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54, 4th Cross , KCA Layout, Kothnur Road, JP Nagar 8th Phase 560062 Bangalore IN
Handmade Adda
54, 4th Cross , KCA Layout, Kothnur Road, JP Nagar 8th Phase Bangalore, IN
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Buy PRASUKH Products Online

Buy PRASUKH Products Online

SaReDh Superfoods Pvt. Ltd

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SaReDh Superfoods Pvt. Ltd

SaReDh deals in two Superfoods Chia and Quinoa.

At SaReDh we have taken our tag line seriously. We are trying to create success right from the grassroot levels... starting with our Farmers.

At SaReDh we are empowering the farmers to cultivate these cash crops supporting them with technical support to ensure high yield and high returns on most minimal investments in terms of seed cost, water, and labour. For this Agro Technology is from CFTRI Mysuru.

Chia and Quinoa are high in demand for their Nutritional values. The health benefits are detailed in the presentation with lab reports. These are exported in huge quantities generating revenue for the country.

PRASUKH (a Sanskrit word) food free from impurities

This is our brand name for the products made with Chia and Quinoa. We are researching on various products for the convenience, easy adaptability and consumption of these superfoods in everyone's diet. CFTRI is supporting us with Technology .

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