A millet based nutrition bar that is totally natural and vegetarian with no added flavor, colour or preservatives. Each bar contains almost 6 gm of protein, iron , calcium, fiber, and other micro and macro nutrients. Only jaggery and dates are our sweetening agents and binders. Contains NO ADDED WHITE SUGAR.

Ah!rogya Ginger & Raisin is a twist on Ah!rogya classic with a punch of the all-medicinal ginger and fibre-rich raisins. For times when all you need is a short burst of energy, for a long day.

Ginger is renowned for its medicinal properties and food-enhancing qualities. Ginger aids in fighting infections, Alzheimer’s, cancer, severe menstrual cramps, indigestion, heart diseases, etc.

Raisins are packed with an enormous amount of fibre, vitamins and minerals. They are enemies to toxins in the digestive tract, insomnia, hypertension, acidity, anemia and skin problems.

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