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Modern dishwashing liquids use chemicals to produce lather, some of which are harmful for both human skin as well as environment. No wonder chapped hands from doing the dishes are common complaints. Moreover, residues of dishwasher detergents on washed plates may result in ingestion of unwanted chemicals along with food. Our dishwash Liquid harnesses the cleansing power of soapnuts along with tamarind that cuts through oil and grease on dishes.

Since our dishwash liquid is a low foam formulation it uses less water to rinse off suds. It is light on environment & fully bio-degradable.

Key benefits are:

• Safe. No chemical residues on dishes
• Gentle on human skin. Hypoallergenic and pH5.5
• No more chapped hands from doing dishes
• Low foam formulation uses less water to rinse off suds • Ideal for washing baby's bottles and dishes
• Works well on oily vessels
• Adds extra shine to utensils
• Environment friendly fully bio-degradable

Ingredients: Aqueous extract of soapnuts, Citrus, Natural essential oils, Food grade gum, Food grade preservative How to use:

  1. Manual Dishwashing

    1. Pour half a cup of liquid into tumbler

    2. Add equal quantity of water and shake well to create a foamy solution

    3. Pour some liquid on each utensil and wash

    4. Use a green scrubbing pad instead of sponge for better results

  2. Dishwasher Machine
    a. Liquid has been tested to work with dishwashing machines. However please check with


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