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Chia (Salvia hispanica) is a species of flowering plant which belongs to family of Lamiaceae, native to Mexico and South America. Historically Chia has been part of the life and customs of the ancient Indians of South America, from its application to religion extending to military rations, chia was consumed by children, adults and senior citizens.

Today Chia is one of the most popular of superfoods and is the highest source of omega 3 fatty acids from a terrestrial source. The high nutrition profile has a composite presence of proteins, fatty acids, micronutrients and dietary fibres.

Chia seeds have been used for endurance running, fitness diets and part of general wellness food consumption by people across all ages. The CSIR-CFTRI agrotechnology based White Chia seeds have wonderful extensibility into food product designs with seamless integration into foods both fresh and processed.

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