Bursting with rich dry fruits and nuts, a feast in every bite.

Selected rich dry fruits with khus khus and misri, rounded out with kesar jaggery and pure ghee.

What’s in it

Premium California almonds
First quality split white cashews
Selected seedless Arabian dates
Golden brown Indian raisins
Delicious desiccated copra (coconut)
Khus khus (poppy seeds)
Golden syrupy kesar jaggery
Purest form of ghee (clarified butter)
Powdered orange misri (crystal sugar)
Crunchy gondh (edible gum) crystals
  • PACKED TO THE BURSTING POINT with premium Californian Almonds, first quality split white Cashews, selected seedless Arabian Dates, golden brown Indian Raisins, golden syrupy Kesar Jaggery, purest form of ghee (clarified butter), powdered orange misri (crystal sugar) and crunchy Gondh (edible gum) crystals.
  • MADE FRESH FOR EVERY ORDER with only natural ingredients. No additives of any form are used. No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives used.
  • WHOLESOME, NATURAL, DELICIOUS - Made of recipes that balance taste and nutrition.
  • Truly DRY FRUIT SUPREME. No milk solids / khova used. Ref. to the pack label image for a detailed listing of all ingredients and the nutritional facts / information.
  • ‘ALL ROUND’ treat. Go ahead and ENJOY.
Contains 12 laddus per box

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