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We are a group of environmentally aware people, who believes in that every positive action, by anyone, however small it may be will go a long way in helping conserve our planet. We also believe in preserving the work of our indigenous artisans. Ganesh Chaturthi was the perfect occasion for us to launch our venture that combines both passions – and thus we launched the eco-friendly Ganesh series three years back and still going strong with your participation, help and support.

The idol is entirely made of clay and our artists believe in keeping it simple and refrain from using any chemical paints for embellishing them.  

Our Motto is – every step counts.  This is just the beginning…

Why turn toward eco-friendly                                                 

Little do we realize that the amount of chemicals released from an average-sized Ganesh idol could pollute gallons of pure water thus choking the marine lives? Displaying devotion by turning a blind eye towards our surroundings may not really serve the purpose. A study done by the Central Pollution Control Board in Bengaluru accessed the impact of Ganesh idol immersion last year. Per the study, the acid content and the total dissolved solid waste has drastically increased in the last few years leading to an increase in the presence of heavy metal content in the lakes/rivers. The water then consumed directly/indirectly causes irreparable damages.

Like the popular saying goes one idea could change a million lives, if even one person takes a step towards improving this condition, it could create awareness among the people around, which in turn could influence more minds. There are a lot of options available in the Internet, Radio, Newspapers and magazines, and social media today on ways to adopt environment-friendly Ganesh Chaturthi options.

Paper Ganesh, Ganesh made of perishable materials, reusable Ganesh made of brass or stone, or use of organic colors are some ways by which the festival can be celebrated without causing much imbalance to the nature around. You could also take a look at our collections of eco-friendly Ganesh made of clay.

Immersion (Visarjan)

The Immersion of our idols can be done in home and the clay can be used for planters in home or gardens, as they are 100% natural clay.

Why Choose Us

The rustic collections of our Ganesh idols that have an eco-friendly touch are appealing. You can choose from our collection of idols and let us know. The idols can be picked from our stalls or can be delivered at your doorsteps.  

Our motive is to provide a convenient option for you this festival season, keeping in mind the idea of protecting our planet, and embracing a pollution-free Ganesh festival going forward. 

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi 

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