Health Benefits of Himalayan Goji Berry

This superfood is like a Tomato with Anti-Oxidant properties than any other food on the planet.

How to Consume:

Himalayan Goji Berry can be consumed raw or can be included in the fruit salad or any sweet preparation.

Health Benefits:

Goji Berries have 500 times more Vitamin C than Oranges.

Goji Berries contain 21 trace minerals which act as an Anti- Cancer agent.

Goji Berries helps you maintain healthy vision, reduces the risk of cancer and protects your heart from any Cardi-Vascular diseases.

Super Power Goji Berries helps in Weight loss, acts as a Menopause reliever, liver function enhancer, anti-ageing miracle.

Super Power Goji Berries contains the highest concentration of proteins than any other fruit.

Super Power Goji Berries stimulates the immune system.

Super Power Goji Berries boost sexual function and enhance fertility.

Super Power Goji Berries contains 10 types of Amino Acids.

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