Product Description

Kehwa is a traditional green tea preparation consumed in Kashmir Valley. It is a popular breakfast beverage among Kashmiris along with freshly baked breads from the local bakery. Kehwa is caffeine free.


Kashmiri kehwa is an excellent drink to consume in all seasons and especially winters. The ingredients in it make a distinct flavor and aroma which rejuvenate body and makes it more active throughout the day.

Health Benefits of Kashmiri Green Tea

Kashmiri Tea (Kehwa) is a fat burner and digestive drink that improves concentration and fights stress.

Kashmiri Tea (Kehwa) energizes and has a warming effect.

Kashmiri Tea (Kehwa) helps to relieve a headache and maintain the fluid level in the body.

Kashmiri Tea (Kehwa) is an excellent anti-oxidant.

and the list just goes on for healthy snacking...

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