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Ojaas Health Booster is a beverage suitable for every age group as a daily supplement. Apart from a nutritious diet, one should also intake Immunity boosting, healthy drinks to remain healthy and active throughout the day. Body composition changes each day and a healthy nutritious drink like Ojaas will not just boost your immunity but will help in improving the vital functions of the body. An innovative step from us to showcase the world about the healing properties of our rendition of Areca.

Health Benefits: 
Energy Booster
Can control diabetes
Prevents Stomach Problems
Appetite Booster
Detoxify the Body
Irregular menstrual cycle (helps to reduce pain and helps to avoid irregularity in periods in women)
How Ojaas can be consumed? :
1.You can consume Ojaas with Hot Milk 
2. You can consume Ojaas as Cold Milkshake 
3. You can consume with Hot Water & lime 
ADD SWEETENER in case required 

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