Ksheerabala oil is a traditional ayurvedic massage oil used to relieve pain of the lower back, sciatica and migraines. It is also effective in insomnia and giddiness. It is good for massage of vata and pitta body types, and especially for Shirodhara and head massage


  • Relaxes the stressed-out body
  • Improves circulation and helps detoxify
  • Balance nourishes and promotes sense of well being
  • Best for daily or periodic oil bath

How to use

  • Can be used daily or regularly for abhyanga ( application on head body and feet) as a regular body massage followed with warm water bath
  • By applying small quantity on skin afterbath works as a good moisturizer too.
  • When rubbed on to the sole and feet it promotes sound sleep


Each 100ml of certified organic sesame oil is processed with Bala Kashayam 400ml, Bala Kalka 5g and Ksheera 100ml.

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