Mahanarayana oil is used for pain relief in joints and muscles. The nourishing herbs in this oil help to reduce inflammation and invigorate circulation. It also eases stiff muscles after exercise and vigorous yoga sessions. Made from over 50 of the finest herbs of Ayurveda with cow milk and saffron. It helps reduce Vata


  • Excellent for arthritic Ailments
  • Best for joint pains
  • Helps to manage all kinds of nerve  disorders.
  • Strengthens central nervous system and relieves mental stress
  • Traditionally used for treating Paralytic disorders also
  • Pacifies excess vata
  • Soothes Pain, Stiffness and inflammation
  • Clear sinus and blockages on external application on forehead and around affected area
  • Helps reduce teeth tingling and sensitivity when gargled

How to use

5  to   10ml oil to be warmed and applied on painful area or as directed by the physician.


Each 100ml of certified organic sesame oil processed with:
Cow’s Milk*, Asparagus racemosus*, Agle marmelos*, Withania somnifera*, Tribulus terrestris*, Oroxylum indicum*, Sida cordifolia*, Solanum xanthocarpum*, Boerhavia diffusa*, Premna spp*, Solanum indicum*, Elettaria cardamomum*,  Cyperus rotundus*, Cinnamomum tamala*, Tvak Cinnamomum zeylanicum*,  Merremia tridentate*, Stereospermum suaveolens*, Erythrina indica*, Crocus sativus*, Camphor*,Mesua ferrea*, Alpinia galangal*, Pseudarthria viscid*,  Vigna radiate*, Curcuma longa*, Rubia cordifolia*,Acorus calamus*, Kaempferia galangal* , Vigna mungo*, Parmelia perlata*,  Desmodium gangeticum*, Pueraria tuberose*, Glycyrrhiza glabra*, Butea monosperma*, Coscinium fenestratum*, Cedrus deodara*, Valeriana wallichii*, Rock salt*.
*certified organically grown

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