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Incorporating papaya into your diet can have many possible health benefits. Studies suggest that consuming papaya decreases the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease as well as promotes healthy skin and hair, increases energy and decreases overall weight. Natural antioxidants within the fruit make papaya a great choice for diabetics.

Lemons are abundantly loaded with vitamin C. American Diabetes Association dubs citrus fruits like lemon, oranges and grapefruit as "Diabetes Superfood." Lemons are full of fibre, vitamin C, folate and potassium, which would help benefit a healthy diabetic diet.
The combination of these two fruits without loss in nutrients and giving a balanced taste with the crunch of omega 3.

Jam Ingredients
Papaya pulp, Lemon Juice, Dia Sugar, Chia Seeds,INS330,INS211

Shelf Life

1 Year

Packaging Size

125 GM

Packaging Martial

Glass Bottle

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