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100% Pure & Organic, Certified Grade A1 Saffron. Kashmiri Kesar or Saffron is one of the most widely used and appreciated spice in an Indian women's kitchen.

Pure Saffron or Kashmiri Kesar is one of the priciest spices available on 'Earth', trading at a price of appx. Rs.3,00,000 per kg. From antiquity to modern times the history of saffron is full of applications in food, drink, and traditional herbal medicine.

The major producers of antiquity Iran, Spain, India, and Greece continue to dominate the world trade. Of which Kashmiri Saffron often called "Lachha" or "Guchhi" is world famous for its health benefits and fragrance.

The high price of Kashmiri Saffron is due to the difficulty of manually extracting large numbers of minute stigmas, which are the only part of the crocus with the desired aroma and flavour. An excessive number of flowers need to be processed in order to yield marketable amounts of saffron.

Obtaining 1 lb (0.45 kg) of dry saffron requires the harvesting of some 50,000 flowers, the equivalent of football pitch's area. We at Pure Mart take full care of Quality, standards and adulteration free strands for your well being. This is one of the main reason behind the high cost of Kashmiri saffron price.

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