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Relaxing Lavender - Unwind and relax with the aroma of lavender. It not only calms your senses but also makes sure that you get the kind of luxury bath only a spa could promise you. Lavender oil has not only beauty uses but is used in many medicines too

The benefits of lavender oil that makes it stand out from the crowd are:

  •  Lavender has stress-relieving and healing properties
  • The analgesic properties of the lavender oil are famous. Use lavender oil and get relieved from pain.
  • Wounds & cuts can be treated effectively with the help of lavender oil.
  • The smell of lavender oil is so good that it is used in treatment processes like aromatherapy.
  • Lavender oil acts as an excellent scalp and skin disinfectant.
  • Lavender oil reduces acnes and wrinkles.
  • Scar tissue formation is catalysed by lavender oil and hence is effective in treating sunburns.

Even skin diseases like eczema can be treated successfully with the help of lavender oil. 

Get a vibrant skin that attracts the attention of the viewers instantly with the help of the lavender Soap .

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