Astu Eco’s Travel Cutlery Kit is your complete solution for helping minimize your plastic footprint during travel

* Handy pouch made from eco-friendly material

* On-road zero-plastic foot print

* Compact, handy, reusable steel cutlery kit

Products included:

1. Steel box – 6 inch wide and 2 inch deep

2. Steel Tumbler – 2.5 inches wide mouth and 2 inch long

3. Steel Straw + Coir brush cleaner – 7.5 inch long and 6mm wide

4. Steel Spoon – 5 inch long

5. Steel Fork – 5 inch long

6. Ecofriendly pouch to hold all the above intact & compact – L10.5 x w 7.5 x h 2.5 inch


Research says your travel plastic foot-print is usually higher than stay-at-home foot-print, So here is the HAPPY FOODPRINTS travel Kit

•Handy pouch from sturdy denim material
•On-road zero-plastic foot print
•Compact, handy, reusable steel cutlery kit
The handy denim pouch is designed to be sturdy and compact (can fit into your suitcase, handbags etc like a flat book).
The pouch is designed such that you can access any single item in the pouch without removing the others. Each of the items in the pouch has its own placeholder.

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