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Zero Plastic – Easy to Use Vegetable Shopping  Bags
  • Extends the freshness of vegetables
by at least 7 days
  • Your plastic bag footprint per year
decreases by 500!
  • Time-saving organiser pouches included
6 Non-detachable
  • Store bag directly into fridge
  • Earth Friendly
100% Yes – Plain kora
* Wash before first use
* Before storing in the fridge, spray or sprinkle water on veggie pouches and bag to extend the freshness of veggies


Veggie to Fridgie Copper Beech Bags

Your Veggie to Fridgie bags are perfect to

* Decrease plastic footprint
* Segregate veggies at the shop
* Save time
* Keep Veggies fresh longer


With the Veggie to Fridgie Copper Beech Bag, you can be assured that you are an earth-friendly shopper. It is 100% cotton and eco-friendly bag, with no plastic buttons, zips or velcro! Instead, it comes with cool looking metal snap buttons that make it easier for you, along with organisers and segregator pouches, with convenient drawstrings,  a sturdy handle and super elegant looks.

Decrease plastic footprint:

Research says, in a veggie shop, people pick at least 10 items. Smaller items like chillies, lemons etc, end up in smaller plastic pouches, even if you have carried a big cloth bag! With Veggie to Fridgie, you have eco-friendly smaller pouches and veggie organisers to pack the veggies directly, weigh it and bill it. So no more plastic in plastic!.

Segregate veggies at the shop

Veggie to Fridgie easily segregates and organises your veggies in the shop itself and saves you time in resegregating them at home. Some heavy items like the coconuts or other fruits need careful arranging during pickup and at payment counter, so it does not crush the delicate veggies. Now, the heavy ones and the long ones and the green ones are all kept in the right way. And you do not need smaller plastic bags now… your veggies are all sorted and organised!

Keep Veggies fresh longer

The Veggie to fridgie makes sure your produce stays fresh for longer with a simple well-tested technique.  A quick spray or hand-sprinkle of water on the bag and pouches can ensure that your veggies stay fresh for longer in the fridge. The cloth is made with a fabric that is perfect for moisture retention in the fridge and you will notice that your veggies stay fresh for longer than a week as compared to the normal way of storing, with our without plastic

The bag is machine washable and comes with the option of multiple pouches.

And with all these above, you save a super lot of time!! So get a Veggie to Fridgie Copper Beech bag for your home now!

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