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Walnuts are wonderful nuts packed with high protein content and omega 3 fatty acids which are vital for cell growth, preventing diseases and boosting the immune system . Walnuts are eaten raw or used in various desserts.


Our entire range of Walnuts is certified by accredited labs and contains no Heavy metals or microbiological content. The reports can be made available on request


Walnuts are available as shelled (without shell) or with the shell (whole walnut). The ones which are shelled or the outer cover is removed are known as walnut kernels which is the inside fruit.

These Kashmiri walnut kernels are divided into two; walnut halves i.e. the entire fruit broken into 2 halves. Another one is Kashmiri walnut kernel quarter pack in which the kernel is divided into 4 pieces.


There is no significant difference in the quality or taste.

Health Benefits of Walnut in Shell, Regular Delight

The health benefits of Kashmiri walnut kernels are enormous which are not limited to the following

1. Kashmiri walnut kernel act as the memory booster

2. It helps in weight loss.

3. Kashmiri kernels are good for your hair as it strengthens the hair and gives the natural shine

4. It’s a boon for the sexual health both in male and female.

5. Kashmiri walnut kernel is loaded with high-quality proteins which are a good substitute for meat.

6. If walnut kernels are consumed regularly, It decreases the risk of gallstones.

7. Antioxidants present in walnuts are much more than the ones present in vitamin E.

8. Research shows that eating 7 walnuts a day gives you optimum health.

In today’s busy life people tend to choose kernels over the whole walnuts as the kernels are ready to be eaten and save time, unlike whole walnuts. Whichever variety you choose, be assured of the health benefits which these wonder nuts are going to provide you.


Enjoy health in each bite with these nuts loaded with essential nutrients. 

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