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YOGA mist – Pure essential oils spray

Body, Mat, Aura, and Room

– Yoga Practice blend –

Patchouli, Frankincense Bergamot

This specially formulated yoga mist has been designed by Truly Essential using 100% natural and organic essential oils to uplift your senses. Carefully selected and blended by hand, this essential oils blend transforms your yoga journey into a truly fulfilling experience -mind, body and aroma.

Combining aromatherapy with YOGA can powerfully enhance your yoga journey

Directions of use:

Before starting YOGA practice, gently spray the mist on your pulse points, your surroundings and on your mat.

Close your eyes and inhale the uplifting aroma for a few seconds.

Calmly proceed to enjoy your yoga experience.

Spray the mist on your mat to keep it fresh all day.


For external use only | Keep out of reach of children | Avoid contact with eyes | Store in a cool dry place

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